Family Group Feedback


An opportunity for resident’s family, friends, or representatives to gather with The Views Interdisciplinary Team Members and Administration to create awareness and address concerns; identify strengths and successes in moving forward; to provide information and educational opportunities; and to provide a supportive network for The Views community.


To provide support and education through supporting a loved one residing in The Views Residential Care Facility

Who Attends?

Family members, close friends, and / or legal representatives of current residents are invited to attend Family Feedback Meetings.
Members from The Views Interdisciplinary Care Team and Administration will regularly attend these meetings.

Guest Speakers

Speakers will be invited based on information or educational opportunities requested by members at meetings.

The Details

Time & Place

Meetings will regularly take place the first Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the Edith McNish Board Room with a virtual Zoom option.


Decisions will be made informally through consensus at meetings.

Meeting Notices

Meetings will be advertised by Kelley Romeril through the newsletter, email, , and through means suggested by group meetings.

For more info, contact

Kelley Romeril, director of Site support Operations