Getting Started

Prior to admission, you or your family are welcome to call us at 331-8650 to arrange a tour of our unit.
We encourage you to make an appointment with your family doctor to discuss your personal expectations and goals for yourself or your family member.
If your family will be speaking for you, we ask that you designate a spokesperson. It is important to us that we have one person to call when we need your family’s help, knowing that the other close family members will be informed and included in necessary decision making. Please inform us if you have any legal arrangements and documents in that regard, such as Power of Attorney, “Committee,” or a Representation Agreement.
As part of your health plan, please think about Degrees of Intervention. These help guide our caregiving if and when your health status changes. You may want to discuss your wishes when you meet with your family doctor. We will review your Degrees of Intervention at our Care Conferences annually. If you become ill, we will always discuss the options. You may change your Degrees at any time.
As part of your personal and financial planning, we ask you to consider funeral arrangements. Again, if the unexpected happens, we can better support you and your family, and your family will not be under undue pressure to make decisions during difficult circumstances