Our Values

Stewardship and Creativity

We value and share a responsibility to respect, protect and care for all of creation and for ourselves.

Respect for Human Life

We value human life as it is sacred and inviolable in all of its phases and in every situation.


We value decisions that do not use a greater power if a lesser power will suffice.

Human Dignity

We value each person as a unique individual with a right to be respected and accepted. We also value what our residents contribute to our community and understand that they can give as well as receive care.


We value quality in care, work life, education and research.


We value a quality of presence and caring that accepts people as they are and fosters healing and wholeness.

Social Responsibility

We value integrity and the promotion of the just use of resources entrusted to us for the enhancement of human life.

Community of Service

We value a work climate of mutual trust and harmony to enable caring for others, collaboration and the fulfillment of human potential.

Recognition of Achievement

We value our colleagues, our work and our accomplishments as well as recognize what our residents contribute to bring our rich tradition of hope and caring to every person in our community.